The Best Kind Of Exercise

If you’re looking for “The Best Kind Of Exercise” – I’m about to open up a can of worms on the rest of the fitness industry…

In fact, this whole email might offend some…


This email might also anger you…

Because the truth is, the fitness industry have been ripping you off!

So many BS and charlatans out there.

Have you noticed?

I want this email to become something of a myth buster.

Work with me here!

When it comes to finding the best kind of exercise

– don’t listen to anyone and definitely don’t listen to the facebook ads selling you crazy insane workouts and “keto diets”…

These advertising people know how you and I think.

They get inside your brain and hit emotional buttons that encourage you to buy.

They’re very clever!

Now all these guys are trying to sell you something (and right now I’m trying to sell you on the idea of eating better and exercising).

Which is why everyone claims to have THE BEST fat burning program EVER.

And every gym has “the best fat loss program” from Bootcamps and Combat to Kettlebells and Zumba.

The honest truth is most exercise programs are about as good as a fad diet.

No one really sticks to them.

And the creators know this.

They create these products with a shelf life (because there’s a lot of money in making a brand NEW craze next year!)

I’m sounding cynical…

So let me tell you a few hard hitting truths.

Then you can go and make your own mind up.

If you really want to burn fat…

If you really want to lose weight…

It is all about creating a negative energy balance.

Let me say that one more time (in case you’re skimming this, looking for a hot tip)…

“Losing weight is all about creating a negative energy balance”.

That’s it.

Simply put, it boils down to eating fewer calories than you burn.

And that’s it.

That IS the science.

Does it matter how you burn those calories? Nope, not really.

All that matters if you create a caloric deficit (which is the food equivalent to what the government is doing to our finances)!

If you don’t believe me then have a look at track and field athletes.

Does the 100 meter runner look any fatter than the marathon runner?

No, they’re both ultra-lean and they both exercise very differently.

Is a football player fatter than a swimmer? No, they’re both seriously lean.

What they all have in common is energy balance.

Neither athlete eats more calories that they spend. They might look different because their training is different – but they all have very low body fat.

So does it really matter what exercise you do?


Not if weight loss is your end goal.

(Although if you’re rather look like a sprinter than a marathon runner, get on short, explosive training and vice versa).

You got me?

I hope this is making sense.

Exercise programs speed up the weight loss because they increase your daily calorie expenditure plus… They stimulate muscles, improve your health and will stop you from becoming one of those skinny, fat people!

So the question you really need to ask isn’t “What’s the best kind of exercise for weight loss?”

The question is what exercise program are you most likely to stick with.

It’s all about sustainability.

And keeping your training consistent.

It’s important you enjoy your exercise whether it’s hardcore MMA training or the latest fad down the gym.

Just keep it up and keep it consistent.

Now I know you might not be happy with my answer.

Maybe you wanted something a little sexier.

Or a secret perhaps?

Maybe something new or undiscovered?

Well the truth is that’s what the tv ads and facebook ads sell.

Sexy, secret and NEW.

They’re the buttons they push to trick us into buying.

And millions of people fall for them every single day when in reality it doesn’t really matter.

Just make sure your energy in is less than the energy out and you’re on a winner.

Now go and pick something you enjoy.

Keep it regular and keep checking your inbox because I got plenty more myth busting tips coming your way.

See you soon!

– Coach

P.S. Need to simplify your nutrition?

The Best Diet Plan in The World!

Would you like to get your hands on the best diet plan in the world right now?

People loooooove to argue what’s the best diet.

“It’s the Dukan diet”

“No, it’s the 5:2 diet”

“No, it’s the Alkaline diet”

There’s so many diets, and so much confusion with everyone saying different things.

The same goes for whats the best exercise program…

“It’s HIIT”

No, it’s running”

“No, it’s lifting weights”

But you know what?

I’ve been a coach for a looooong time and I’ve seen all the diets and training methods come back full circle.

All of them promising to be the latest and greatest.

All have helped transform peoples bodies while following this latest diet method – of course, without reporting the many more people that failed on said diet.

Whats more, when you’ve tried enough of the diets, and none have worked for you, it’s around about this time when you start to think something must be wrong with you.

Like, you might catch yourself saying,

“my metabolism must be slow.”

or, “it’s my age”

“I’m just not meant to be thin”

yada yada yada…

I’ve seen all of the diets work.

I’ve seen them all fail.

So, after my many years working with many clientele all over the world, I have finally stumbled upon the greatest diet of all time.

In fact, it’s the ONLY program that will work…

And i’ve known about it for some time…

But I reveal “the best diet in the world” I need to make a pact with you…. OKAY?

I need you to share this diet with everyone you know all over the interwebs.

People need to know about this revolutionising diet thats going to end all diets.

Is that cool with you? Cool, click the share buttons now.

….. and without further ado…

The best diet in the world is…

… the one that you STICK to!

This is the bit i’m awesome at… Helping you find a program that you enjoy enough that you can stick too it for the long term.

I specialise in client adherence.

Afterall, you can have the best diet in the world, but if you don’t do it, it’s pointless.

In my coaching program I will show you how to stick to a diet & exercise plan for life. For YOUR life and not for celebrities life in the magazine pull out containing the latest celebrity workout plan.

This diet will be the last diet you’ll ever need.

Without this diet, you might see results, but only until something comes along and throws a spanner into the works and throws you off track, am I right?

Or worse, you achieve your goal, lose all the weight, shred all of the fat and flatten your stomach, getting into the best shape of your life, only to the go backwards and lose all of those results, gaining back all your pre-program weight.

Often times, with added interest…

Or worse yet, the client actually GETS to their goal, drops the weight, improves their physique beyond imagining and then goes and back-slides and goes all the way back to where they started, gaining back all their pre-program weight… often with interest!

Wouldn’t you like to know EXACTLY why this happens and EXACTLY what you need to do to avoid it from throwing you off track in the future?

Well, if you’re serious about losing the weight, gaining tons of energy, becoming the best version of you, to help yourself go beyond the 30,60 and 90 day quick fixes and help yourself create a long-term and permanent transformation using PROVEN methods rather than fads, then this is for you…


Honestly, you’ve never come across an approach to long-term transformation like this before…

~ Coach

P.S – If you’re serious and committed to losing the weight and transforming your body & lifestyle faster, easier and with more enjoyment while keeping your results in the long term then simply adding new exercise routines and new diet plans isn’t going to cut it.


P.P.S – Still here?


Seven-Day Abs Meal Plan

Seven-Day Abs Meal Plan

By Coach Wilson – CPT, PN Nutrition Coach.

This week-long eating plan will keep protein high and calories moderate to burn fat and build muscle.

You might find it boring. Good. If it was easy, everyone would be walking around with a six pack.

You’re going to be required to earn your pack, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Let’s get started.



200g grass-fed beef mince, 20g almonds, 100g spinach


200g turkey mince, 100g green beans, 1 sweet potato


Apple, 1tsp almond butter


200g skinless chicken thighs, 100g pak choi, 60g quinoa



150g oats, 2 scrambled eggs, 1 banana


200g chicken breast, 60g basmati rice, 100g broccoli


100g Greek yogurt


200g prawns, 1 sweet potato, 100g spinach



2 unsmoked bacon rashers, 2 eggs, 100g broccoli


250g cod fillet, 60g quinoa, 100g pak choi


Protein shake


150g tuna steak, 100g rice, 100g green beans



200g grass-fed beef mince, 20g almonds, 100g spinach


200g chicken breast, 60g basmati rice, 100g broccoli


100g Greek yogurt


200g skinless chicken thighs, 100g pak choi, 60g quinoa



150g oats, 2 scrambled eggs, 1 banana


200g turkey mince, 100g green beans, 1 sweet potato


Apple, 1tsp almond butter


200g prawns, 1 sweet potato, 100g spinach



150g steak, 25g cashew nuts, 1 egg


250g cod fillet, 60g quinoa, 100g pak choi


Protein shake


Cheat meal, 1 glass of red wine



2 unsmoked bacon rashers, 2 eggs, 100g broccoli


200g wild-caught tuna, 100g mange tout, 60g rice


Banana, 1tsp almond butter


250g chicken, 1 sweet potato, 100g broccoli

The Workouts

Complete 3-4 sessions at The Team Workout

How To Get A Six-Pack in 6 Weeks

Help me get a six pack! I hear this all the time.

The saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym…

Whoever first said this clearly has not got a six pack because abs are revealed in the kitchen, but they are certainly made in the gym.

You see like any muscle, if you don’t train it, it will shrink, meaning that it will be less visible. If you’re here because you want jaw-dropping inspiring abs, then we’re going to need to build your abs with exercise.

Good news for you, as we are going to cover everything in this 6 weeks to six-pack abs. We’ve got the best exercise and six pack tip & tricks all below.

But don’t get me wrong, if you already have a body fat percentage of 20-25% and are currently training with weights for that last 1-2 years or more it’s reasonable that you can reveal your abs in the next 6 weeks.

Even if it takes you 12 weeks or 12 months, wherever you are starting from today, follow these steps to get six pack abs.

So let’s dive right in with the most important rule for six-pack abs.

The most important rule for Six-Pack Abs: Create Calorie Deficits!!!

Ignore all the diet nonsense you read and hear about in magazines and plastered all over the internet, shedding fat always comes down to one simple fact. You must burn more calories than you consume. That’s how you remove the layer of fat sitting on your belly that’s been hiding your six-pack.

So how do we create calorie deficits?

1. Cardio AND Weights!

There are two camps when it comes to cardio… The high intensity (fun-stuff) which is great for busy people and parents who need to squeeze workouts into their busy schedule. Although high-intensity cardio looks badass (hashtag: bragging rights) – it is often poorly performed by the public – Sorry Joe Wicks, but you’re not helping here with your poor exercise instruction.

On the other side of the fence are the steady state cardio folks. Steady state cardio is more time consuming, but it is far better for individuals who have muscular imbalances, and exercise beginners.

It really doesn’t matter which one you pick, just pick one that’s right for you, and that you can keep up. For weight loss, all that matters is calories burned.

Your choice of cardio will do wonderful things for your body, it will get you lean, but it is far better when combined with weight training, else you will lose weight but without an ab insight. Remember, abs need to be trained for them to grow and show.

The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn.

2. Diet

The best diet to follow (and the only diet you should follow) is the diet that you can stick too.

Everyone has different styles, different tastes, different beliefs, it doesn’t matter which did you choose, all that matter’s it calories.

The perfect diet for a six pack would start with eating 20-30grams of lean protein, thats about a palm size portein of a chicken breast. Follow this up with 2-3 fistfuls of veggies, eat lots of greens, and fill up the rest of your plate with from carbs and healthy fats. (Click here for a shopping list)

Fill in this calorie calculator to find out how many calories you should eat for six pack abs

Male Female
Male Female
Problem? Try Another

Use an app like My Fitness Pal, or Loseit, to track your calories daily.

If you measure it, you can manage it!

3. Drink Water!

Not only will drinking water fend off hunger it will also help remove water retention that can leave you looking soft. This is going to be important as you begin to reach 12-15% body fat levels, so that the skin is closer to the muscle in order to appear defined.

Fill up an empty 2 litre milk bottle with water in the morning and carry it with you throughout the day and drink it throughout the day inbetween meals. Most of the times when we snack, it is because we are thirsty, so stay hydrated and you will eat less.

4. Use Spot Training

Place your hand on the fattest part of your body. Do you notice it is cooler to touch then leaner parts of your body? That is because fat has a poor blood supply, which makes it more difficult to burn off, in order to reveal your six pack. Training the muscle next to the fatty area of your body will increase blood flow to this area and there for becoming more efficient at removing fat.

Now there are a lot of know-it-alls that say, “spot training does not work” – I advise reading this article on T Nation about Spot Reduction is Real.

What these folk are really wanting to say is, bigger movements like squats, deadlifts, push-ups, burpees ect… require more muscles, and there BURN MORE CALORIES – so absolutely, big compound exercises are essential for revealing the abs, and this is because we want to burn more calories than we consume – however, isolated ab exercises must also be supplemented because spot training is proven to work, AND remember, burning calories will reveal the abs, but we must train the abs to grow in order to show.

5. Diet Pills and Weight Loss Supplements

Don’t waste your money. These diet pills are caked with ingredients that have never been proven to support fat loss and many can be dangerous if taken in large dosages in order to make a difference. I advise skipping the diet pills and weight loss potions and just put in the hard work to get your six pack.

Exercises to grow your six-pack muscles

Now that we have looked at the ways to get a six pack, it’s now time to look at the best exercises to make your abs pop out.

Like spot about earlier, big compound movements like squats, deadlifts, push-ups and burpees ect… (yay burpees) are the exercises that are going to burn the fat, but we also want to add isolate ab exercises inorder to increase fat mobilisation around the torso inorder to remove stubborn fat. Aim to add these exercises into your day 3-4 times a week.

Pick 2-3 of these exercises to add into your workouts and complete 3 sets of 20-30 reps. TIP:  I like to add ab work at the start of my workout (ask me why in the comments below)

Cable Crunch

Bicycle Crunch

Hanging Leg Raise

Spiderman Plank

Lower Ab Leg Lift


Revealing six-pack abs will require hard work, consistency, and discipline. If anyone tells you any different they are either lying or know a plastic surgeon who can give you implants! Oh dear…

There are no magic shortcuts to six pack abs, so put in the work, create a calorie deficit, move often, lift weights and do cardio, stay hydrated, skip the pills, and visualise your success often. If you tick all these boxes you will achieve six pack